"Sexual Love is troubled in cultures where there is a strong sense of Man's separation from nature"
- Alan Watts

Tantra Questions

How much notice is required to book a Session with you?

I require anywhere from a few days to a week. Some book as far advance as a month. Payment is due at the time of booking to secure that day, once a devotee is sure they wish to book with me, which is very easy...I accept either personal/business cheque, MO, cash, Pay Pal as forms of payment. A Session is not considered concrete or fully booked without payment.

Do I need to bring anything with me on the day of the Session?

No, just come with an open mind and no expectations. As far as any pieces or articles, that is not necessary. Draping is supplied by me at all times.

Are your fee's negotiable?

No, I'm sorry, they are not. I DO however, make exceptions for women if they are LOCAL to me, and are inviting me to be a guest in their home for their Session, as is anyone that is providing their home as a Temple location for their Session. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to lessen my Tribute's for my "In Temple location" as it is a rental and quite expensive. Please realize that my Tribute is a clear reflection of the Session you will be receiving.

May I tip you or give a gift?

Tips are always welcome and appreciated...never expected. Currently I am renovating a new Temple and will be needing some furnishings such as soft blankets, 3 extra long Goza floor mats 6 1/2', 3 rock lamps, drapes/window coverings, one 8' x 10' Oriental carpet, candles, two tall floor vases, two or three framed Tantra paintings or lithographs, two table lamps, money to paint, incense and incense burners, 10 hand painted silk robes from NASIA and more. All gifts are graciously accepted, very much appreciated and of course, will be put to amazingly good use!

I have never experienced Tantra...this is my first Session. Is there anything I need to know beforehand?

Tantra with me is designed for you to relax, and to surrender to your senses. Prior experience is not necessary, nor is prior reading. Any questions are always answered prior to a Session via both emails and on the phone. In Sanskrit, Tantra means to warp, weave and stretch...in later Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, Tantra means dealing with techniques and various rituals, including meditation. Please remember to refrain from alcohol for at LEAST 24 hours prior to your Session...keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. I will need to know about your health, health issues (if any), types of medication you may be taking (including anything holistic, such as herbs or tinctures), as well as allergies (if any) to foods and topical creams and lotions.

What is a Dakini?

A Dakini is a female Tantrica or Yogini. A Dakini has taken her studies to the highest level...to her highest will. The term Dakini is commonly used to describe a Priestess, healer, alchemist, or initiator that is very skilled at the high level of Tantric arts. A Dakini is referred to as a "Life Coach" and is a emissary of the divine, to tempt you to your divinity, to help one to experience the real fruits of existence. Another term for Dakini is "Sensualist"...a person who is totally devoted to the art of sensuality and Tantric bliss...skilled in the finer subtleties of sensual pleasure.

What is a Ceremonial Bath?

The Bathing Ritual is designed to make you relax and feel at home. Unlike other earthly elements, water touches our bodies to both cleanse and relax. A Tantric bathing ritual includes an intense head massage...all of this combined is an invitation to wash off the stress of everyday life. It is the most enjoyable way to prepare yourself for the Session. In addition to relaxation, the bath is intended to allow for blood circulation in the skin and also increases muscle warm up. Lavender fragrant essences which are all holistic, stimulate the senses to higher levels, while warm water flows around you. The entire ritual cannot be timed...enjoy being bathed and caressed until you are dried off in fluffy towels and draped in a soft silk robe or caftan.

What can I/we expect?

In a Session with me, you can expect to be unblocked from your stress, and channel your thoughts into the good. I help with the arousal process and act as your mentor and Goddess. Each Session is never the same and the more you learn the better! With couples I do the same...as mentioned previously, each Session starts with conversation, a light repast, tea or water, and usually ends with the same.
After a Session, I encourage counseling and thoughts on the Session...Sessions are never rushed. Tantra is quite vital and is considered a teaching, so please relax and engulf yourself in its abundant pleasures.

Are you qualified to offer Tantra?

Yes, of course. I am a Certified Dakini, Certified Tantra Teacher (CTT), Certified Tantra Practitioner (CTP), Certified Tantra Coach (CTC), Certified Life Coach, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Tantra Therapist, Certified Tantra Educator (CTE), Couples Facilitator, Sacred Sex Educator, Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (ACTE), Certified Life Coach, Kama Sutra expert and much much more. In addition to what I have listed please note that I have traveled extensively to various temples in Asia and other countries and have studied with many older highly respected teachers of Tantra. I am most comfortable treading on Tantric terrain. My training is expert and varied so I feel most comfortable following my own intuition and sharing new techniques with my seekers.

What is a typical Session like?

All of my Sessions are custom, but do follow some sort of sequence. Normally each client or couple is met where we engage in conversation and in a "get to know you/me" stage. Most Sessions are then followed with a candle lit ceremonial bath and then proceed into the actual Session. Realize that Tantra is mainly intended to increase your well being, and it thereby follows a certain basic procedure which I will outline for my clients prior to a Session. I submit various Sessions for approval...the client has the option to keep one of the Sessions as is, or they can amend it and return it to me. In retrospect, remember that the idea of Tantra is to include the entire human being and is not intended to sexualize but to explicitly and openly include sensual and sexual "energies" without preconceptions into the overall artwork of a whole body experience.

Do you use holistic and hypoallergenic products?

Yes. Being a very allergic person myself, this is a primary area of concern for both my client(s) and myself. I use only nurturing and nourishing botanicals as a basis for a Session, as well as natural and essential oils with scents that are not only pleasant, but also have many healing qualities, such as Grape Seed and Emu Oil. Lavender is also a product I can never keep enough of. The idea is to free your mind...the choice of products is gone over with me prior to your Session or optimum comfort and piece of mind.

Is sexual intercourse a part of Tantra?

My work constitutes a holistic Tantra Session ritual...although the undertones of Tantra are sensual, please be advised that I do not engage in intercourse as part of my practice with my clients within my Sessions. I do create an erotic and sensual experience for you during our shared time as we co create a sacred space, but sexual intercourse is not included during our ceremony together. The client(s) I see take on a purely passive ''receiving'' role especially in a Tantra for Men, or Tantra for Women Session. This gives a great opportunity to have a new and different bodily experience that is free of expectations. I specialize in initiating and facilitating a unique experience into a persons own lust and sensuality. The client is receiving in most cases and in this way, a beneficial, nourishing erotic experience is co-created with me. It is a special opportunity to experience ones self as a sexual being in a new and different way.

I am not physically fit, a little overweight. Does this matter at all?

No, not at all. I see what is beautiful and essential in every human being. Realize Tantra is not so much for the body, yet for the soul. Tantra provides a more secure bodily feeling and increases self confidence. This makes it easier for everyone to see themselves as both beautiful and bountiful.

Is it normal to be slightly excited during Tantra?

Yes, it is perfectly normal. For instance, an erection during a pleasurable moment at home is 'normal,' just as it is in Tantra. It is a very natural reaction and is merely a sign of relaxation and pleasure AND is therefore welcome during Tantra and nothing to be ashamed of...this goes for both women and men.

Can Tantra help built confidence in both men and women in terms of sexual issues?

Sexual issues and dysfunctions are often connected to strong expectations or fears, whereby it becomes difficult to allow erotic feelings to arise or even recognize them as such. During Tantra, the Session is dedicated to the client and their feelings, without entering into a 'relationship' with the Tantrika. This provides a setting in which you can observe what actually happens, without being concerned with what should happen. This can open the space for sharing with your partner at a later time.

I would like to set up a Couples Session as a surprise gift but I am worried that my partner will not be happy with the set up. What do you recommend?

If you book a Session for your significant other whether it be Lesbian lover or wife/girlfriend, realize that it is especially important that he/she finds herself/himself in a familiar and SAFE place, especially if the partner has problems with their sexuality in general. If either of you are new clients, this sense of comfort and security may be missing...if this is the case, I would advise that either partner book either a Tantra for Women or Tantra for Men's Session. If in doubt, it would be best to discuss the possibility of Tantra openly with your partner as to what paths to pursue. It is always best to avoid imprudent "surprises."

Is a Couples Session a good idea?

Tantra for All/Any Gender Couples is always a good idea, if both are open and ready to experience something new. Both partners simultaneously immerse themselves in a sensual experience...later they can share what they have learned and experienced with each other, hence enriching their relationship for years to come. In addition, both parties experience new aspects of their perspective sexualities and both can bring what they have learned home, or into other relationships down the road. Couples, as in all Sessions, tends to awaken curiosity and opens up the eyes to all new things that can be discovered alone, or together.

Is there any one word which can summarize Tantra?

Fortunately, no...but take that in a good way. In our Western culture, the term Tantra has a confusing number of different connotations. It awakens the most varied associations, depending on who is using it and who is listening. Tantra is a philosophy of life that respects all living beings. Discriminations and judgments are to be avoided and dissolved. According to Tantra, the sexual nature of humans, which has often been vilified and rejected, should neither be particularly emphasized nor denied. Instead, it is a natural part of a holistic perception of what it is. We deal with sexual energies as one of the many aspects of being human. My Sessions focus on an understanding of the unity of body, mind and soul.

Are there limits in Tantra?

From past experience, Tantra will result in relaxation and well being. It is, however, possible that certain people may find that touch is disturbing to them. I ask my clients to fill out a questionnaire prior to our Session to determine if Tantra is in fact, for them. If I feel, or if we 'both' determine that the client is not physically, mentally or emotionally able to handle Tantra, I will not book an appointment for them. Tantra is not a substitute for medical treatment so it is best that if you wish to book a Session, that I ask that you speak to your doctor to make sure that Tantra is indeed for you.

I am a high profile client and wanted to find out if you would sign a Confidentially Contract.

I am very discreet with a clients information and personal request to keep themselves very private. I have signed these before in the past, and have no problems to sign one for you if you feel the situation warrants one. This can be done legally with your own attorney and myself or with mine, for assurance and of course to gain your trust.

Where do you offer your Sessions?

I am located in Westchester County NY, easily accessible from NYC and Grand Central terminal. My temple is located approximately 38 minutes via train, 1/2 hour if traveling by car. My location is very accessible for devotees traveling from NJ, CT and other areas as well. If unsure, please ask me...I am always happy to provide directions and discuss logistics before your Session with me.

Where can I mail my payment for the Session?

Once a client is verified and I've determined that we are a good fit from a Tantric perspective, I will then be happy to share my mailing address with them, but only after discussion and full determination that they will definitely booking a Session with me

I have a few questions to ask prior to filling out the Reservation Form...can I contact you?

Of course...please contact me VIA the Reservation form anyway, just put n/a in the required subject lines so the form will go through, and I will be sure to respond as soon as I am able.

Would you be able to come to my area/home for a Session?

In some cases, that can be arranged depending on distance. Please feel free to contact me using the meeting reservation form first to discuss that possibility, along with travel fees and also the possibility of sponsoring me to your city.

Do you offer workshops?

Yes I do. If a client has a small group of 3 or more people or at least two couples, I'd be very happy to be the center and help you focus on a workshop and theme...whether its for an occasion, party or simply to learn about Tantra, I would be happy to attend and help you plan the workshop. Normally these workshops are done at the homes of the clients.

I can't make my session, can you reschedule for me?

Things occasionally arise in our schedules however I cannot offer session refunds. Deposits of full payments CAN be moved to another date. If "I" have to cancel a session due to unseen circumstances a refund will be submitted.