"Meditate Being Absorbed in the Yoni...All Sadhana is Vain Unless With the Yoni"
- unknown

The Tantra Experience

Tantra is an amazing contribution. In my view, the sensual whole body experience makes an important contribution for women, men and couples to come in contact with their own joy of life, their bodies and their sensuality in a natural way. Physical well-being, attentive touch and sensual pleasure constitute important parts of a successful and good life. This requires not only good knowledge of the biological and anatomical aspects of the human body and sexuality, but also self-determination, the affirmation of personal pleasure and joy, a high degree of sensory perception and sensitivity and skill when it comes to bodily and sensual contact with oneself and others.

My methods honour the body and the human being in its entirety. It is based on an ethos that teaches joy, dignity, consideration, attention, care, openness, respect of others, courage and the ability to make decisions about what is good for you.

My Tantra sessions involve the human being as a whole and therefore touches the human being in his/her entirety, i.e. at both the physical and the emotional levels. My offerings are designed individually for each guest...with couples, I conduct coaching which is tailored to their specific needs. My work is based on an attitude of openness toward the entire human being and expressly incorporates their sensual-erotic being. It can thus help people to meet themselves and others more openly as I provide a realm of experience that is impartial when it comes to sexual preference and gives everyone the opportunity to discover their own needs, boundaries and values.

I view myself as highly experienced and qualified and consider myself a trendsetter and pioneer in the area of sensual whole body Tantra. The warm atmosphere and the professional yet individual approach will win you over. Although I have achieved a high status I do not rest on my laurels. Instead, I view myself and what I offer to you, as a learning enterprise that is constantly developing further through my own research and continued training in the area of sensual Tantra.


The goal in a session with me is to expand your spectrum of perceptions and a client gain an improved bodily feeling. I gently bring my seekers fully into the present moment. Step by step, the entire body is activated, touched and included in the experience - not as a painful process intended to dissolve traumas, but by making a thoroughly pleasurable experience possible with deep relaxation and peace. For this I use a wide spectrum of techniques, from gentle caressing to strong strokes to dissolve greater tensions.

The overall ambition of Tantra is to provide a deep feeling of well-being, relaxation and surrender. To make it simple, a session with me is considered successful when you leave me with the feeling of having been touched empathically and skillfully. It is completely "successful" only if my Tantra session was able to permanently change your approach to life and physical well-being in a positive way.

To reach these goals, Tantra is done in an atmosphere of trust and security. I approach all clients with sympathy; I accept them without judging them by their appearance, age or any other standards that society places on me. This non-judgmental approach helps build trust with my new client, who is accepted and embraced for who he/she is as a human being.

Every session is an act of mainly non-verbal communication between my client(s) and myself. Because of this resonance, every session is unique, even if the main sequence of events are pre-determined. An intense session develops a dynamic of its own that seems to be present in the space like a third person who influences and helps determine the direction of the session. Spontaneity and flexibility characterize a session with me, making it into an act of art, similar to a performance or an improvised show by a music group. Intuition is therefore one of my most important skills; it keeps growing with increasing Tantric experience and over time it helps me to respond to the needs of the client with increased sensitivity.

Seen from a different perspective, Tantra can be regarded as a kind of ritual. It has its own protected space, which allows me to be increasingly attentive as we follow a specified choreography. Together, we step into the ritual space as a whole...this increases the awareness of the moment and my presence as your guide and goddess, making the non-verbal communication mentioned above possible.


Every client is welcomed in a personal and friendly manner, so that he/she immediately feels welcome and accepted. I greatly value a respectful and courteous manner that comes from the heart, and I ALWAYS take time to answer any questions or respond to any requests that may be important for the client at this moment. This creates a calm and friendly space already before the actual session, making it easier to feel cared for and comfortable. I respond attentively to any fears or reservations that you may have, showing solidarity with female guests to avoid any feelings of discomfort so that I can meet openly from woman to woman.

I am known to have a strong, creative personality and possess the qualities to offer you a complete session. I identify with my work and continue to develop it further - either by improving my anatomical knowledge or by dealing with social issues regarding sensual and erotic topics. I work actively according to the principle of consensus, in solidarity with my clients, to expand the services that I offer you. My sessions have nothing in common with assembly line work. Instead, I set our own rhythm in our session together so that I have enough freedom to devote myself fully to you, and set our own pace for Session.

In a session with me, you will embark on a holistic, pleasurable and unique journey of exploration. Although pent-up emotions may come up during a Tantra session, I try to not primarily pursue the goal of dissolving blocks or traumas, even if this can be a side effect of our work together...instead, the purpose of the Session is to be able to surrender fully, expand one's own experiential horizon and make one's boundaries more permeable. In this sense I view myself as a self-confident guide and guru who can lead you in and towards new territories.

I foster an enlightened mentality and distinguish myself through a relaxed attitude toward our bodies and sensuality. I meet all clients with a heartfelt intimacy, but this feeling is sustained by a kind of general, transpersonal human kindness. As a rule I am your facilitator, who wishes to open a space of experimentation for those who journey to me, free of personal complications and expectations, for their own bodily experiences.