"The true devotee should worship the Mother of the Universe with wine, fish, meat, cereal and copulation"
- unknown

Tantra Sessions & Compensation

Customized Sessions are encouraged and usually a common practice and offering of mine, as each will be tailored to your specific desires/needs...every clients needs are different...hence the reason for customized Sessions.

Sessions may include Deluxe Upscale Accommodations, Consultation, Tea Ceremony, Food, Drink, Candle Lit Tantra Ceremonial Bath, fresh linens and draping/robes (100% Oriental hand painted silk robes or caftans) for your comfort. Shower available for after session if needed. Rates are non negotiable for in temple sessions.

I offer in person consultations, which are $125 and give a devotee a face-to-face consultation for up to two hours of my time.
Please keep in mind that an actual appointment cannot occur afterwards and must be booked for a later date and time.

Tantra for Women

A Session for women who would like to enjoy a totally different experience, cautiously come to know more about themselves and wish to learn to shed old wounds in a secure environment with a completely understanding female Tantra provider.

This Session is considered to be a journey as we focus on experiencing a new body, spirit and soul. An ideal session for women that wish to be pampered "by" a woman that can make them forget life, family, husband and the stresses of the work place for a while. Women can count on undivided attention, as time is taken to listen to inquiries and discuss wishes. She can count on full relaxation, as her entire body becomes involved and her senses will be given the utmost pleasure. The goal is for a new being to immerge guided by the careful touch of expert hands.

A goal is to create an atmosphere which enables her to undergo a new experience and to deepen an understanding of her inner self. In this Session we normally being with a light repast, drink and tea over discussion, proceed to candle lit holistic ceremonial spa bath, Tantra touch therapy, Yoni and G Spot Therapy. This Session is ideal as it allows for a letting go period, surrendering and dissolving while being engulfed by oceanic pleasure and can become a profound experience as it touches on the innermost core as she gives herself fully and freely to the therapist to journey to the source of the joy and power of life, free of expectations and enjoy an adventure that can open up new worlds. Here, fears, insecurities and past experiences can be relived and discussed, looked at and sometimes dissolved and eventually understood. This creates a private and sacred space where one can encounter their own deeply felt pleasure and vibrancy. Since there are no expectations, this Session is always attuned to the individuals wishes and needs.

A special effort is made to ensure that the Session takes place in a pleasant and protected atmosphere. Flowers, candle light, sensual scents and lots of time help to create a space where a woman can become fully present within herself. Overall this will be a pleasurable journey of the senses, and I support and accompany all women on this journey. It is only recently that science has taught us that a woman's sexuality differs from that of a man, so both G Spot and Yoni Therapy are an intense experience and allow for a new feeling beyond comparison.

$375 for one hour, $600 for two hours, $700 for 3 hours.


Couples Tantra (All Genders)

Provides harmonious structure for couples that would like to share a Tantra experience with each other. More and more, couples wish to explore their joint sensuality in a new and different way. For most it is a totally new experience.

Couples Sessions can be accomplished in a variety of ways; i.e., one member of the partnership can watch without participation while their partner has their session. On the flip side, one partner can assist and support myself, the practitioner. No matter what scenario, all is accomplished in a protected and sacred space and no matter what, both partners can surrender fully...they know that the other is experiencing the same thing at the same time. This is a strong feeling that allows couples to bond deeply and can give them a whole new sense of togetherness.

Couples have the choice to have their Session separately or jointly. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Having Sessions separately is sometimes best as it is easier to keep each individuals attention on themselves. Either is fine and a matter of personal preference, however, for couples that have never experienced Tantra it is recommended to have Sessions done separately and then at the end of the session to share in a joint Session...that way, they can enrich each other with their individual experiences.

If a couple decide to have the Session at the same time they will get to experience their partner's emotions without touching him/her...this can be very stimulating for many couples...or not. At the end, a couple will have time together to let the experience wind down they way they'd like it to. The majority of couples experience a joint Session as an intense journey that leaves a strong impression. In addition, couples can receive a 'touch coaching' Session...here a couple will learn the different qualities of touch and the basic structure of a Tantra Session. While one partner is learning and experimenting things under my direct guidance, the other can relax.

Couples Sessions start with initial meeting over light repast, tea and drink and end in the same fashion...candle lit holistic bath would be up to the partners but is normally included, as well as instruction during the Session. Session includes but is not limited to Sacred Sex techniques, Kama Sutra positioning, Yoni, Female Sacred Spot, Female Ejaculation, Lingam, Male Prostate/Male Sacred spot, and more.

Please inquire for rates


Tantra for Men

A Session designed for men that need to unwind, learn and experience, without worrying about giving something back. Sometimes life is much too overwhelming, whereas most men are designated as the primary caregiver and bread winner in home situations. After a Tantra for Men's Session, many men say that they have never before experienced anything quite like it. Others say that their relationship to their bodies and their sexuality has changed permanently.

Men can relate to themselves in a new way once they are free of the expectations of daily life. The need to perform at home and at work dissolves in this Session with me...with Tantra, a mans boundaries dissipate and a sense of time disappears when put in the hands of an experienced Tantra Dakini such as myself. Old concepts of intimacy can change when a man is experiencing his "own" body and private space due to finely sharpened senses. A liberating freedom from intent occurs when they experience surrender without the expectation or need for sexual exchange and mutual touching, which is so much demanded from them at home.

Tantra for Men is an invitation to encounter a mans inner self, but on a much deeper level. To do this we use scents and candles as well as a holistic candle lit bath, to create a space that is stimulating and pleasant all at the same time. On this sensual journey through the body, you will be accompanied by me...your experienced and supportive Tantrika.

For the Tantra professional, it is highly important that both parties determine without the pressure of expectations, how the Session shall be conducted and both the gentleman and myself will work hand in hand to accomplish this. This particular Session starts with tea/drink and light repast and follows through with Candle lit bath ceremony, focusing on Lingam, relaxation techniques, male G spot, prostate, ejaculatory problems, methods of increased staying power and more. This Session requires trust and surrender on the part of my male devotees...the more relaxed you are, the more deeply you can be touched.

$400 for 1 hour, $475 for 90 minutes, $775 for 2 hours, $850 for three hours.

Offerings can also be based on a sliding scale. I am happy to offer these based on income, provided there is proof of income):
$380 for 1 hour, $425 for 90 minutes, $700 for 2 hours, $800 for 3 hours.


Goddess Worship (not offered for first time clientele)

Please inquire as these Sessions are given at my discretion or for prior clientele. The client must have completed three appointments with me in order to qualify. Women may have this as a second appointment.

Goddess Worship is designed to teach devotees to venture, explore and discover their sexuality as the connection to the creative life forces within them. These Sessions are quite personal and designed to suit everyone's interests and tastes. Goddess Worship, like all of my Sessions, are VERY custom tailored to the needs of both client and Dakini, and each client wishing to participate in Goddess Worship, must be approved to do so. All Sessions are mapped out via email and phone consultation...the client/devotee is given various questions to answer as well.

We work both respectively to co-create WORKING together, based on what's present, moment to moment, as I aid you in understanding your connection to life as a whole person and how to deepen that connection through personal practices, demonstration and hands on work and union with the embodiment of your Goddess, and in women. In Tantra, every man and women holds a spark of divine essence within them, therefore acknowledging the divine unity in each other. Through this, we evoke that presence. Being the embodied sexes are equal YET opposite to each other, in both Goddess Worship and Mutual Tantra, we may willingly take turns serving one another, but neither one of us is in NO way, less than the other. Serving the Goddess in a Tantric aspect, stimulates innate love and devotion to the Divine Goddess. In actuality, Goddess Worship is not just offered to anyone...it would only be available to those who are truly able to perceive divine essence with the other person. In Goddess Worship, a woman, man or couple learns to raise their consciousness to the Goddesses wants and needs...all done via instruction.

It is most empowering and beneficial when this is practiced willfully and with conscious effort and choice. When serving a Goddess, a devotee(s) joins with the Goddess at such high frequencies, eventually becoming an equal counterpart to the Goddess he/she/they serve(s). In Goddess Worship, a Tantric embarking is a very real connection based on the true expression and love of souls. Each person gives offerings to one another with the careful guidance of the Goddess. With instruction in a warm and secure atmosphere, the Goddess guides you through the stages of calling forth and honoring the "her." This should be NOTHING less than a natural flow of true expression. Each serious and dedicated learner will learn how to awaken the Goddess and ride along with her in the abundant range of pleasurable sensations in the multi-orgasmic, ecstatic realm...hence, a very favourable rapport should be established amongst the Goddess and her devotee(s) way before the actual Session. Much of this is possible through manual and energetic stimulation as you eventually meet in the center core with her. If the rapport and connection is highly favourable, the Goddess may grant her learners and devotees blessings which are much more intimate in nature. These Sessions are journeys which unfold in time...these are quite mysterious as the possibilities are endless. Offerings like these have gained devotees an open passage to the wisdom, and desires of the Goddess. With guidance, a student learns to tune into the subtle or not so subtle messages of her body and find out precisely how to dedicate themselves to her pleasure.

Please inquire for rates


Dark Tantra

Please inquire as these Sessions are given at my discretion or for prior clientele.

In the dark realm of Dark Tantra, we shall play, co-create and experiment in sensation-play techniques and scenario's. We will embrace by keeping secret and breaking all taboo's, exploring the subconscious mind that keeps distracting us due to fantasies which one may be too embarrassed to try with their significant others. In Dark Tantra, we learn by exploration...we shall explore these fantasies, fetishes and more. In some cases once a favourable rapport is reached, we can experiment but not limited to role play and other fantasies, such as cross dressing and the urge's and the 'why's' associated with the need to try, and much more.

Dark Tantra must be planned thoughtfully and is co-created with the student to assure a safe and secure environment between the two of us. For Sessions such as this, I recommend a Tantra for Men or Tantra for Women Session first. Being these Sessions are mapped out so thoroughly, please realize that an essay to me in writing is required, outlining the details of your fantasy. We co-create these scenario's together, so my clients can fully surrender to the role-play scenario without being ashamed or embarrassed. With my guidance, a client can learn about past lives which in turn, will generate them to come to learn more about themselves and the taboo's they desire. We work together to fully explore without judgement, while exploring the psyche's that we usually hide from others, yet which keep us drifting off during the day thinking about them...here with me, I shall help you uncover yourself...these Sessions are open to men, women and couples of all genders.

Please inquire for rates


Certified Life Coaching Exploration

Intimacy and solitude are all things we yearn for, but are not sure the road or path to take in order to achieve them...to let them happen. With me in a series of various 1/2 hour Sessions (or custom depending on situation) listed below, we will explore the paradox of needing to enjoy solitude 'before' one can be truly intimate with another person or significant other. We will critically explore and move through the realms of solitude, intimacy and desire, offering spiritual as well as psychological guidance.

In the series of Sessions, clients will gain help to enjoy closeness with others, while maintaining a firm sense of independence. Clients will be shown how intimacy begins in discovering and trusting themselves and then bringing that personal strength into their relationships with friends, family, co-workers and lovers. We will work on capturing the essential essence of what intimacy is all about through intelligent, broadly informed Sessions of conversation and overall guidance. I will guide you to an area of where you can experience self help at its best.

In sensuality and life coaching, we work towards becoming the most expressive individuals we can be and to realize just how beautiful the actual "self" can be...we work on discovering authentic sensuality through discussion of past experiences, hang ups and various past belief's...whether they are religious or imbedded belief's from childhood. The end result is a fabulous unfolding of sincere fascination.

Typical candidates would be repressed individuals...ones that have never had the chance to live life or let loose, those who wish to live on their own terms (not someone else's), those who have missed the chance to pursue their dreams freely without judgement, individuals who have never really had the chance to express themselves fully in every given situation and those who have completely forgotten how beautiful they are, both on the inside and the outside. When a person is 'truly' themselves, they are no longer hiding under a bushel...they are authentically real and sensual. They are then living 'full lives' with a bursting aura of self confidence which is emitted by their general attitude. The ending journey is one of self discovery, where a person can truly understand, live and be truly authentic to themselves and others. When fully experiencing all of these things, a person will have a true understanding of what it means to be "themselves" and nothing will stand in their way.

Sessions recommended are as follows:

* (6) 1/2 hour Sessions weekly or biweekly recommended...designed to discuss the tools to help you understand who you are, what you want and how to express it authentically in every given situation. As your life and sensuality coach, I keep you accountable, offer suggestions and reveal patterns of behaviour that may be holding you back. $450 for entire package of six 1/2 hour Sessions.

* (9) 1/2 hour Sessions weekly or biweekly recommended...designed to give clients the necessary tools in the six consecutive sessions above, in addition to evaluating a clients body language, facial expressions and way of dress. This particular nine Session package takes you deeper while we focus and plan to get the client to enter deeper in their body and to bring their unfulfilled dreams into more of a clear focus...the ending result will help a client explore the tools needed to be able to move forward toward an ideal life. $800 for entire package of nine 1/2 hour Sessions.

* (12) 1/2 hour Sessions, weekly recommended...these Sessions are much more concentrated and move the client along faster...here as your Certified Life Coach, will challenge you more deeply and push your inner buttons and stimulate you mentally. By doing this, I concentrate on giving you the will, tools and desire to actually make things happen, especially things that a client has been wanting all their lives. $1300 for entire package of twelve 1/2 hour Sessions.